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Hello friends!

SPROUTS, aka Sticky Papers Rolling Over & Under Tricky Situations, is a lighthearted adventure ttrpg where players have their hand-drawn creatures travel across real-life terrain.

This game turns any living space into a charming adventure. Players act as Sprouts, delightful little creatures that can climb up furniture and travel over counter tops. As a team, Sprouts will adventure from Landmark to Landmark to collect Treasures until they reach The Ending Place together.

Required For Play:

• Markers, pens, or pencils to draw with

• Sticky Notes, any shape large enough to draw on

• A 10-sided die (D10) to share, or one for each player

• A sense of wonder and imagination

Fig. 1 - a family of Sprouts preparing for their adventure

An Inspired Adventure

With SPR☼UTS my aim is to create a simple and fun real-life adventure game that players of all ages could enjoy together.
My main inspiration for this project is my youngest family members  who range from age 4 to 14. While looking for TTRPGs to introduce them to I found it difficult to find an easy game that could accommodate the entire family; The chaotic energy of the youngest, the creative problem solving of the eldest, and all the kiddos in-between!

What has been developed so far?

This project is nearly done! This game is finished and playable! A free demo of the Character Creation section is free to download and view below. ( I would love to meet your Sprouts! Use #SproutsRPG or post them in the Comments! )

Physical versions available (if you're lucky!) at DinoberryPress.com

Your support is greatly appreciated. Thank you!


Buy Now$7.00 USD or more

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Download demo

How to Create a Sprout (sample).pdf 111 kB

Development log


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https://imgur.com/qeoJ49y everyone had a great time! here are our sprouts, i love them

I'm so happy to hear it!! Thank you for sharing your sprouts, I love all of them!


this game looks adorable! going to play this with my family later tonight


How many players is this game?

Hello! There is no player limit. I'd recommend trying your first game with anywhere between 2 - 5 players if you're unsure, but you can have as many players as you want!